Current Board Members

Member Title and Organization
Ms. Keely Bosler, Chair Director, Department of Finance
Ms. Ana M. Lasso Director, Department of General Services
Mr. Toks Omishakin Director, Department of Transportation
Mr. Wade Crowfoot* California Secretary for Natural Resources
Ms. Betty Yee** Controller, State Controller’s Office
Ms. Fiona Ma** Treasurer, State Treasurer’s Office

*Voting member when the Board deals with property acquisition and project construction matters related to entities within the Natural Resources Agency.
**Voting members when the Board deals with matters related to the issuance of revenue bonds.

Advisory Members

Member Title and Organization
Ms. Rita Saenz Director, Employment Development Department

Legislative Advisors

Member Title
Honorable Freddie Rodriguez Assemblymember
Honorable Jacqui Irwin Assemblymember
Honorable Evan Low Assemblymember
Honorable Maria Elena Durazo Senator
Honorable Jim Nielsen Senator
Vacant Senator